Welcome to Matcha Mountains. We specialize only in Organic Japanese matcha, and Organic matcha latte blends, including our amazing Matcha lemonade drinks. Matcha latte's are the newest and healthiest trend to hit cafe's across BC and beyond.

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Why matcha?

"Matcha is Energy"- Giving 4-6 hours of relaxed energy, with the same amounts of caffeine as found in most coffee, it's a great way to quick start your day, with huge benefits, no jitters, no crash, no upset stomach- it's something you have to try, and experience the benefits

"Matcha is Health". Matcha has more antioxidants per gram than any other superfood. Matcha is a natural metabolism booster, helping weight loss, endurance gains in atheletes, has been indicated to help lower cholesterol and reduce blod pressure. It's main antioxidant component- EGCG, unique to green tea, and super concentrated in matcha has been singled out as having potent anti-cancer traits.

"Matcha is Mind" L-Theanine is the second part of matchas secret, a mood altering amino acid- often dubbed the "happiness molecule". It releases seretonin in the brain, a calming and natural stress releaser. It works in opposition with matchas energetic caffeine component, the result is a feeling of "relaxed energy" These two naturally occuring chemicals are unique only to matcha. We call it the Matcha buzz.

What is Matcha? Matcha has been around for a millenium. It was first cultivated in China a thousand years ago but died out shortly after it was brought to Japan by travelling monks. Thankfully the tradition in Japan has been carried on for over 800 years, well known to this day as the "Japanese Tea Ceremony". In Japan, authentic Matcha is harvested in the spring months from shade-covered green tea plants (Camellia sinensis). Only the youngest most tender leaves are picked, lightly steamed, de-veined and stone-ground.

The heart and soul of our company- our matcha, is sourced from in the Aichi prefecture Japan. Our matcha is an authentic shade-grown, spring picked matcha, that continues centuries old stone-grinding techniques with granite stone grinding wheels. While this drink may be 800 years old it offers us not not only a highly enjoyable taste but a gentle energy boost, improved immunity, and protection from chronic illness. It provides a balance for today's hectic lifestyle which is often maintained by quick "pick me ups" with little nutritional value.

How good are our products? Our matcha blends speak for themselves Check out our reviews on Matcha Mountains at the top tea review sites - www.steepster.com and www.sororiteasisters.com

  • Why drink Matcha? The nutritional differences between regular brewed green tea and Matcha are impressive. One cup of Matcha contains the same nutrients as ten cups of green tea. It is rich in antioxidants, catechin ECGC, chlorophyll, and zero on the glycemic index.
  • Matcha is excellent for helping your body mitigate the effects of chronic diseases like arthritis and diabetes, as well as, seasonal flus and viruses. It has been shown to lower cholesterol, aid in weight loss, and with its high levels of ECGC, may be key in cancer prevention.
  • Matcha also contains L-theanine, an amino acid that elevates the production of dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain..the "feel good" molecules. Matcha may infact, be one of the healthiest beverages ever produced. For more information, select "Matcha" on the header bar